import into current folder

I know that I can set the default import folder for when I use services from something like safari, but is there a way to make the default folder whatever folder I happen to be in at the moment? That would save me a lot of trouble.

My experience is that with the Import New Notes preference set to “In top or current group”, content captured using the Take/Append Plain/Rich Text services always creates or uses documents in the top-level group. I don’t understand what DT’s idea of “current group” is in that context.

In DT Pro beta, the “Add page from Safari” script always uses the top-level group. There’s no preference for choosing the destination group; you have to modify the script to change it.

How DT selects a group depends on which method is used to add content and it’s not always immediately obvious how it’ll behave. And which preferences have an effect in which situations can also be confusing.

I believe that is exactly what Currrent folder means!