Import of Bookends not behaving as I would have expected

I’m running Bookends 12.8.3 and DTPO 2.9.15, on macOS 10.12.6.

I was intrigued by the possibility of importing information from my BE database (over 12,000 records) into DTPO so as to support a one-stop search of both many thousand documents imported into DTPO and basic BE records for a couple of decades of research, of which most entries are not attachments; they are book, book chapters, etc.)

I can “import” without trouble, but the results are very much less than satisfactory: DTPO seems only to grab a very stripped-down subset of the BE records: Date of publication, title, vol. and page, if appropriate, author’s name (in a last name, initials, format, which is not relevant to my field of study), location published, and keywords.

Not included are, for example, editors (a huge problem for edited volumes; if you remember the editor but not the title you’re out of luck), translators, notes, links to related BE records. I don’t need for the DTPO information to reproduce all of BE’s functionality, but I would have expected it to import at least a correctly formatted “Summary” view of BE records, which would allow for much more robust searching. Is it possible that the BE import is hard-coded to pick up only a few fields from the BE database and to force the presentation of the results in a format that misses huge and relevant information? Am I missing something?

DEVONthink’s mechanism can only work with the data provided by Bookends. It doesn’t have access to all the information you have imagined it does.

This seems to be a regression. My notes tell me that in 2015 it was possible to edit the Summary style in Bookends to specify which fields would be imported into DTP.