Import order from safari

When clipping multiple entries from ios safari and then opening DTG I see the import popup and see the entries as expected in DTG but the strange thing is if there’s multiple they seem to always be in reverse order when i sort/view by created.

What action are you taking to “clip multiple entries”? Visit several pages in rapid order and clip a bookmark to DEVONthink to Go? Something else?

There’s processing going on in the background involving interaction between Safari, the web server(s) for that page, and the clipper. So, if you look at a clock and press “clip” at 06:38:39, the clipping doesn’t necessarily end up in DEVONthink timestamped at that instant. If you are clipping a web archive, or markdown, or either of those with “clutter free” then the background processing is even more complex.

Just curious about the question: why does it matter?