Import Outlook .pst files possible?

Is it possible to import Outlook .pst files from Windows machines?


No. DEVONthink Pro Office is only able to import emails from supported clients (e.g. Apple Mail or Microsoft Outlook/Entourage) or from Unix mailboxes (.mbox files). But Microsoft Outlook should be able to export such mailboxes.

It is more expensive (due to the need to purchase Outlook 2011) and more cumbersome but I have been importing Outlook 2010 (running on Win 7 on Parallels 7) .pst data into Outlook 2011 and from their I can drag/drop or import into DT. The only problem I have had is when importing a large number of Outlook 2011 emails, many with large attachments, DT runs out of memory and blows up. So I needed to manually drag and drop a couple hundred at a time.

Like I said, it is not pretty but it works. I need to continue using Outlook 2010 because various plug-ins that help me manage my Inbox or use corporate capabilities like Webex do not work in the Mac environment. Sigh. Fortunately Parallels makes it pretty easy to deal with this.