Import PDF from web (safari)?


Does anyone know how to import a PDF document that’s been opened in Safari? Many times I find information in PDFs on the web and would like to import the PDF directly into Devonthink instead of saving it to the desktop and dragging it in. I tried to search the forums for this, but you can imagine how many results came up with PDF and SAFARI.


If you have DTP or DTPO, you can do one of at least two things. You can put the Global inbox in the Finder’s Sidebar and do a ‘File>Save As’ and save the file to the Inbox. You can also print the document using PDF Services in Safari by choosing ‘PDF>Save PDF to DEVONthink Pro’ in the print dialog.


I have DTPRO (sorry… should have mentioned that)

I’ve owned DTPRO for a few years now and have primarily used it as a paperwork archive. I’m starting to use it in more ways and am blown away by what it can do. It seems as if there is always a way to do whatever you want…

Thanks again…


Another possibility is the script “Add web document to DEVONthink” in the scripts menu extra.

Why not using the Bookmarklet. Works fine for me in most cases in Safari. Just a click and thats it.