Import PDF lose creation date

Sadly, it appears creation date of a Pdf file is modified while imported in DT.

Is an another way to import can help me keep this (essential) information?
Or I need to manually input creation date
Or maybe something to improve in DT

DEVONthink uses always the file’s creation/modification date when importing, the result should be consistent to the Finder.

I guess they’re talking about the metadata here, as stored inside the PDF. There was another thread about this topic recently, iirc.

Edit : I don’t know if it is metadata embedded or finder metadata but I’m going to look at this potential thread,

I’m aware of this thread but I still wonder whether DEVONthink should always use the internal dates instead of the file dates or not. So far only the creation date of emails is changed in such a way when importing.

the result should be consistent to the Finder.

I think this is the key takeaway.

I’m not sure either. It seems that some people prefer the DT creation date to be identical to the PDF creation date (metadata). Maybe a script in the batch section or in smart rule section that copies the PDF creation date to the DT creation date could be a compromise?

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If you have a PDF with a discrepancy between the metadata date and the file date, please ZIP it and attach it to a support ticket. Thanks!

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The next release will support this by enabling a hidden preference.