Import Prefs don't stick

I try to get DevonThink to import (both from DA and by “import” within the DT menus) to a specific folder group, but it refuses to do that. DT will only import files to within the general Folders (“Groups”) listing. I have to manually drag each newly-imported document to the “Initial Imports” folder I want to use for temporary storage before final dispersal to the best folder.

I had noticed this behavior a few versions ago, but it went away whenever I reset the Prefs (Import–New Notes:) and re-started DT. But now it simply refuses to put new imported notes where I request.

Can you help?

Much Thanks,
Craig Turner

I am sorry. I just saw the “DA to DT—missing something?” post and realized I have been making the same error the other poster had: the Import to folder only works with Services.

I second the motion to find a possible way to get the Import to a specific group folder to work with Devon Agent or any kind of Import.

:wink: Maybe, sometime?