Import site

Hi, I’m trying to understand the import site option and where I’m going wrong. I’m trying to import the contents of my blog.

I’m clicking on “Import Site.” Then, in the Download Manager, I’m entering the URL, username, password, and leaving the default “automatic” checked. I get a message that the download is queued. Then I click on the gear icon, then “start queue.”

The queued site disappears from the list and nothing seems to happen.

Where am I making a mistake? Thanks!

Downloaded contents are stored in a group called “Archive” at the top level of the database if downloading to the database is enabled (see contextual/action menus of download manager). Otherwise the downloaded contents are saved in an external folder.

In addition, please open the Options panel (see contextual/action menus) and enable the desired file types and which links DEVONthink should follow.


I don’t see any archive file showing, but that’s probably because I don’t think anything at all is downloading after I take the steps described above…no data comes into the computer, as far as I can tell. Downloading to database is enabled, as are all the files types needed.

So are you saying that the steps I described in my first message are correct? If so, then why is no data downloading?


I had the same issue last week and found the file when I clicked the home icon in the upper left. I had done a search for specific words I knew to be in the file, DTPro found it but I could not until I for some reason clicked that icon. :bulb:



Thanks for that info. The 300 web files that I’m trying to import are not there when I click the home icon. I appreciate the idea, though!


Please send a screenshot of the Options panel of the download manager and the URL you’re using to our support address. Then I’m going to check this over here - thank you!