Import the word file - but don't convert it

I work with lots of word files and would like to use DevonThink to manage them. But there’s the catch:

I don’t want them converted to RTF format.

I can import excel and powerpoints and all sorts of things with no problem - I like that. But I want to be able to just drag in a Word file so I can organize it, so on and so forth - but open it in Word when I need to edit it and send it to other users.

How do I turn off the “convert to RTF for documents” feature? I’m sure it’s something simple, but I must be missing it.

Oh, and before I forget - I usually just import things as “bring to database folder”. In a way, Devonthink is kind of like a finder replacement for me - just put the files in there so I can tag/index them faster, so that’s what I want to do with the Word files.

Hopefully that will clear up what I want :slight_smile:.


Currently, Word DOC files are a special case for imports.

Here’s what happens: When you import a Word .doc file, DT uses Apple’s Cocoa technology to capture the text content of the Word file and save the RTF as a searchable document in the database. It also maintains a link to the original Word file, which you can see in the Path field in the RTF document’s Info panel.

The original Word file is not saved in the database Files folder. It remains external to the database, in its original location in the Finder.

So don’t throw away your .doc files after importing them, if you intend other uses for the original Word files. :slight_smile:

This may not be exactly what you intended. But it does give you these features:

[1] The full text content of the Word documents is available for search and analysis within DEVONthink.

[2] When you’ve found the document you are looking for (in DEVONthink), just select the Actions button in the toolbar and choose Launch Path. The original word file will open in MS Word, so that you can edit it. (Note: The edit will not be saved back to the DT database unless you reimport the changed document.)

DT Pro version 2.0 will change the above behaviors in several ways. Among other things, 2-way synchronization will be easier to achieve.

Hm - OK I think I get that. Just consider it a “wish list” item then for “import into Database directory as just plain word files so that freaks like me can just do the word thing and not worry about the archiving”.