Import Thunderbird 14.0 Mail into DTPro Office 2.4.1

I’m trying to use DevonThink Pro Office 2.4.1 to import mail from Thunderbird 14.0 and do not seem to be getting anywhere. Per the docs, I was first trying to drag the TBird email files (from both POP and IMAP accounts). I was first duplicating the file from the Finder and renaming it to MBOX, and then dragging it to the Application icon. I tried this with TBird closed, and the import mail dialog opened but no messages were displayed. I’ve dragged copies of the mail files (the ones without the extensions), renamed those to MBOX and the same thing happens. I’ve done this as well using the menus also, with the same “no result.”

If I try to drag or import one of the files without renaming them to MBOX or MBX I receive an unknown format error. I know these files contain mail, since TBird is working fine and I can view the mail in the files using a hex viewer.

One of the test files is only 137 KB so the import should be happening more or less immediately. There are only two messages in this particular file.

I’ve used DTPO with Entourage in the past and it works with no problems.

Does anyone have any ideas?



I suggest you retry with the new version 2.4.2 which just came out a few days ago. I spotted the following among the items in the release notes:

Improved: Handling of email files containing multiple messages.

(which could of course mean anything though).

If the problem persists, consider filing a bug report unless you already found some other solution. (If you have, please share.)