Import to DTP 2: Filename changes, loss of comments field

I have just converted my DTP1 database to DTP2 and have noticed that almost all my pre-December 2008 pdf files have been renamed. Also, wherever a rename has taken place I have lost the label setting and the contents of the comments field.

All the files affected were named (by my ScanSnap software) according to the following protocol: 2008_11_10_12_55_30 and the underscore seems to be the most likely culprit. Later files (I changed the ScanSnap format by chance in December) have retained their 20081110125530 file name and the label/comment information has been carried forward correctly.

I am in a bit of a quandry: Do I continue to work with DTP2 and resign myself to having to re-enter thousands of comments (in the event that there is no solution) or do I revert to my DTP1 database until I can find a solution? Any views, particularly from anyone who has had a similar experience, would be appreciated.

I have now resolved the problems of filenames and comments by following the instructions elsewhere to first EXPORT from my old DTP1 database and then import into a NEW DTP2 database. I also verified, repaired and rebuilt the old database for good measure.

There was still a large number (approximately 200) of failed imports which I have logged and will work through in the cool of the evening. In the meantime, I am happy that most of my stuff is in the new database.

Hi all,
didn’t know if it fix all but :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve run into trouble importing my existing DTPro Office dbase in the new version 2. All of my files names were “converted” into numbers (if imported at all 8(). Even import them file by file didn’t work :confused:.
After becoming more and more frustrated, if started to think :open_mouth:
The culprit of all troubles seems to be the “automatic” text import function, which could be changed within the preference settings.
I’ve changed it from “Automatic” to “Westeuropäisch Mac OS Lateinisch” -> (“Western Mac OS latin”??). Guess what, yes it seem to work. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Could anyone confirm?!
I am using DTPro2 on a localized German 10.5.6.
Waiting for final Dt2 8)

See my post above because I had exactly the same problem of file names being converted to numbers. I was also losing most of the comment fields. This happened whenever I tried to open the old DTP1 data file in DTP2 and going through the automatic conversion routine. The problem was solved when I first opened the file in DTP1 and then exported all data to a new folder. After closing DTP1 and opening DTP2 I was able to import the data from the holding folder more or less without problems. I have since gone through most of the “failed” items in the log and found that they are actually there. It is a bit of a mystery, but I have peace of mind at last.