Import Word docs and lock problems with Leopard


I upgraded to Leopard a couple of days ago and have noticed two problems so far.

  1. When I import Word docs that are perfect viewed in Word, Pages or TextEdit, they come into DTPro Office with words missing and/or running into one another. A lot of the problems seems to be around apostrophe’s.

  2. The lock at the top of the editing window no longer works, but it still works in the information panel. I use it all the time once I’m satisfied with the content of a document to prevent the document being accidentally deleted.

Has anyone else come across these problems yet? Is a fix on its way?


Rollo, there have been several posts on the forum about problems with rich text documents under Leopard. Christian has cautioned against editing and saving RTF documents, and that will of course include capturing of Word files. Captures involving PDF, plain text, HTML and WebArchive files are OK.

An update to fix this and some other Leopard-related glitches is being tested internally and will be released soon.

In my belt and suspenders approach to quality assurance in general, I have Leopard but have not yet installed it. But I’ll do it when DT Pro Office 1.3.4 comes out. I’ve got some other applications that will still not be updated for Leopard but they aren’t as important to me as a project I’m working on that involves my DT Pro databases.

If I were really cautious about a major upgrade to the operating system I would wait for OS X 5.1 or 5.2. The first release of Leopard still has some teething problems, as in past OS upgrades. But hey, I’m looking forward to playing with it, too. :slight_smile:

Thanks Bill for your really rapid response.

Leopard is pretty awesome on the whole. I like it enough not to want to go back. The only things so far that have broken (that I have noticed at least) are Quickeys, but the latest update sorted that, FileMaker … a real bummer, mission critical for us, but pretty much fixed by upgrading to V9.02, and the issues I’ve mentioned in DTPro Office, also mission critical for me.

I have a couple of minor issues with Safari 3, but nothing that a slightly different way of working hasn’t fixed.

Going forward it is going to be an excellent upgrade. You’ll enjoy playing with it.