Imported (drag) emails don't show

If I drag a mail into the DevonThink bar and then assign it to the inbox, it shows up in DT and is viewable, etc. If I sync it to DTTG the name shows up but I get “Document can not be displayed”.

I am guessing it can’t display file types of “eml”.

DTTG can display eml, but does not do rich text eml well. Perhaps you could try your sync again?

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Nope. It shows up in DTTG under “Unknown”. This is a big deal to me as it is great to drag stuff over. . .

I am sorry this is not working for you. Perhaps you could send a sample of an email that is not working for you to DEVONthink Support?

To confirm what I assume you mean by “drag a mail to the DevonThink bar”: you a dragging a message from Apple Mail to either the DEVONthink icon in the dock, or to the Sorter? And you are placing that message in the DEVONthink Global Inbox (the Inbox at the top of the sidebar)? Synchronizing with DTTG, you look at the Global Inbox in DTTG and see the error message. Is this correct?

I can confirm that I am able to do all these steps and do not receive an error - so this is where a sample of a failed document sent to Support might be a good next step.

Please file a bug report and attach a copy of the file you are unable to view. Thank you for your support of DTTG.