Imported E-Mail and Search Function

I am a DevonThink Pro Office user and I am having a question regarding the search function of DevonThink. When I search for email I always get the Relevance/Name/Changed/Type/Size columns. However with imported emails this is not very helpful as the “changed date” is the date of the import. Although I can select other columns via the Display/View menu, these are only available in the “standard” views. Am I missing something? I would like to have the emails sorted by date of writing.

You want to sort by Creation Date, which is equivalent to Date Sent for your archived mail.

That sort order can be set using View > Sort > By Date Created. Currently, however, you won’t be able to set a column view for Date Created.

So the View > Vort > By Date Created is only of limited use. I am only able to apply this to a folder of imported mail (no search). As soon as I am searching something I am thrown back to the standard view (wich does not include Date Created). Will this feature be enabled? Is there any workaround? It is almost impossible to look for a specific mail (I did a backup of around 5 years of mails) without sorting by time. How can I narrow down the search?

Although you can indeed sort search results by Date Created, you can’t display a column to let you readily see that information.

I agree that’s inconvenient. A future version will solve this problem (but no promises when).

As usual, there’s a kludge. Here’s how:

Create a new, empty group.

Select all of the search results and replicate them to the new group.

If necessary, add a column to the view of the new group so that you can see and sort by Date Created.

Delete the new group when finished.