Imported email shows bcc address as "To"

All emails I send from any device are bcc’d to my main email address so that I have a timeline of emails and also to preserve Sent emails on my ISP’s server until deleted. However, when imported into DT 3, the column “To” shows my BCC address, rather than the address of the person the email was addressed to.

IS it me or DT3?

Which email client do you use and how exactly do you import the emails?


I can definitely confirm that using direct import from Mail into DT3.0.3 of Sent emails where I bcc myself, results in the emails showing in Column view “To” as to my email address, rather than any of the recipients.

I have attached 2 screenshots - the first of DT and the second of the email header. You can safely ignore the tag in the email header as I only tag after importing into DT.

The “To” column (see also “To” field in Tools > Document > Properties inspector) should include all recipients (To, CC & BCC).

Yes, it does. However the BCC address is given priority in the display such that it is the only address that is displayed with my column settings. I am using Column view (to overcome the loss of 3 pane view) and, on a 27" monitor, display the sidebar, columns for Name, Created date, Kind, from and To, plus the document and its thumbnail (subject to previous comment). I do not have the screen real estate to open up the To column to display the To email address. Why the BCC address is given priority over the To address escapes me.

My last reply was not responded to. I am sure that I am not the only user of DT who copies all email replies to their own email address, particularly if using different devices to send emails. The behaviour previously outlined is puzzling.

However, I have now discovered that if I use the email copied to my email address to import into DT, it shows the addressee of the email in priority to the CC and BCC (me) addressees. A solution but still not an explanation of the behaviour of DT.

There’s actually no order or priority yet, it’s just a unified set of all receivers. An upcoming release will improve this.