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I just moved from Pinboard to

For Pinboard I used the Pinboard Importer script – and was reasonably happy with it,

Is there a script to import my bookmarks into Devonthink?

I’m not aware of such a script. But maybe the script Add links to DEVONthink (see scripts menu extra) might be helpful while viewing your bookmarks in Safari.

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Thanks @cgrunenberg.

I found a way to export from all links to an HTML or CSV file. (Unfortunately it does not export the collection a bookmark is in. Very annoying! :frowning: )

So that should be good for the Add links to DEVONthink script. – However I cannot find it under Script menu → More Scripts or under Script menu → Import.(*) Did I miss it?

Footnote (*): Here a little idea: The menu extras under Script menu → More Scripts woudld greatly easier to use if there where some kind of search function for the extras…

In case of an HTML file the command File > Import > Bookmarks from HTML file… should do the job.