Importing a database in a HDD partition


I have been using DevonThink Pro already for more than a year and I am very happy with it. Thank you, developers, for the great work :wink:

The question I am facing now is: is there a way to import a database in .dtSyncStore format (stored in an external HDD) into my computers partition?

When importing the .dtSyncStore the program place the database directly into by-default location (~/Library/Application Support/ I think). It doesnt ask me where do I want to put it. Later on I fear I am not gonna be able to move it from there.

I’ll answer myself :slight_smile:

In the Sync tab of the Preference Windows, and once you have added your .dtSyncStore file as an existing local Sync store (on the right column), you can import your database. The fear I had before is that when you press “Import Database…” there are no file manager window indicating where do you want your database; there is only a progress bar. Funnily, at the middle of the progress bar (after 10 minutes to me) the file manager window indeed appears, and let you choose where you want to place the database. Then, you just have to select your partition or the exact folder where you want to place the real database.

I hope this will be helpful for someone. For the developers, if you could make the “file manager window” appear before hand, it would be great. Thank you.