Importing a large DT database to the iPad

On the Mac I have a large-ish database (16GB, mainly webarchives, nothing indexed):

The database is synced to dropbox and I try to import it via the sync dialog to my iPad, but I get an “Insufficient disk space” error:

DT External-DB iPad-1_IMG_0148

However the iPad has plenty of space left:

What can I do? Is there a way to load the webarchives only on demand and import just the searchindex?

Approx. 30 GB are left but temporary disk space is required for downloading the database from the sync store and importing the data into a database afterwards. In the worst case this could require twice the size of the database but usually a lot less.

One option might be to split the database into two smaller ones. Another one could be to download contents on the Pad only on demand.

Another one could be to download contents on the Pad only on demand.

Where do I switch Download on demand on? Is it the Keep all slider?:

And is this only a general setting or can I set it per database?

Sorry, just found it: It is in the Info pane of the database!

You can change this also in the settings of the sync location.

Thanks. Interesting.

Only thing I don’t understand is: If the setting is part of the sync location and of each database is it changeable per database or only general per sync location?

The setting can be changed on various levels, e.g. location, database and groups. The location defines the default handling but databases (or groups) can prefer a different one.

Thanks Christian. Makes sense.

BTW, with the the change setting (“Download files on demand”) I was able to import/sync the DB with 5000 webarchives to the iPad:

That’s pretty cool! Thank you very much for all the support and “hand-holding”. :pray: