Importing a spreadsheet

As a new user of DTP, perhaps am I missing something, but…
I try to import a tab-delimited text document (as the export’s result of a sheet of an excell V.x document).
But whatever the method I use (drag-ndrop, File>Import File), the result is always a pure text file… not a sheet.

Well, I have a bunch of Excell files to import (not index) in DTP and I would like to know the best way -if any- to do it


There have have been discussions in other threads several months ago (or more than a year ago?) Just search for spreadsheet import and have a look, many ideas. It is, after all, easy.


Using a .tab, .tsv or .csv file extension will probably fix this.

I had no success with a tab-delimited file, even when renomming the extension.
But exporting the Excell spreadsheet individual sheets as a comma delimited file (a true CSV) do the trick.