Importing a weekly email

I get an email summary once a week that I’d like to file in DT3. Can someone tell me how to do this? I am not using Apple mail, but Mailplane, which displays my gmail.

DT3 Mac - OS 10.15.7

I never used or have Mailplane, but DEVONthink probably can’t take it directly (as they have made happen with Apple Mail). Maybe there’s a way to get the raw email source. Others can comment.

I’m not sure you actually need the raw email source, and if not why not simply make a PDF of the email and put that PDF into DEVONthink. Use the “print” command.

@moppo I suspect AppleScript might be your way forward.

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thanks for your reply. Mailplane is just an app front end for gmail. Someone suggest applescript, but I have no idea how to use it and don’t think this is worth learning to code.

You mention making a PDF out of this weekly email and yes I could do that, but I was hoping DT3’s vaunted AI could do it for me. Can it check my inbox and look for the subject line (or whatever) and then process it and file it in my DT3 database? That would be sweet.

Probably can eventually learn to “classify” automatically (I would not call it AI, though), but first step would be to get the PDF (or something) into a DEVONthink database. DEVONthink can’t deal with stuff not there!

What you can also do is save the PDF into, say, the Global Inbox and then setup some rules which watch for incoming, looking at the contents, and then doing something. The rules can of course to be setup to work on events or timed.

Read in the Manual about Auto Classify, Global inbox, and Rules.

The thing about DEVONthink which you’ll eventually catch on to is that since you can use it’s terrific search engine to find stuff later. Yes, good to put you weekly email into a group called, say “Weekly Email”, but after that further groups/folders probably not really necessary. That is unlike conventional practice (by some or many?) with other apps and how some use their computers. A complete “organisation” is not really needed.

Thanks for your reply.

I think I can handle the filing once in DT3, but I’m under the impression there’s a way to to automatically send emails to the app. When I used Evernote years ago, it had a nice feature which allowed me to forward data to an Evernote email address that went to my account. Is anything like that possible with DT3?

Not an expert so I know I could be spouting gibberish

There is a way to replicate “email to Evernote” (see here) but it would require you to use some email client that has rule-processing capability, like Apple Mail. You could conceivably sign up for another gmail address just to do this through Apple Mail.

Or you could just fire up Apple Mail for your emails just to use the rule processing, while reading, replying etc through MailPlane.

One simpler method could be to just print that email in MailPlane as hinted by @rmschne and select “Save to Devonthink 3” from the PDF button on the bottom left of the print dialogue box.

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