Importing an audio file

I currently have some audio files I would like to integrate into my DTTG database. I noticed I can’t store an audio file in DT so how do DT users store recordings for future reference?

Why do you think there’s a problem with audio files?
I have no problems storing audio file in my DTTG database

What format are you trying to import?

I’m trying to import an MP3.

When I hit the + button, I can see the option to record an audio file but I can’t see how to import a file.

In what app are you pressing that “+” button? Does the “share” button work to share into DEVONthink ToGo?

Files app
Share Menu

Make sure you’ve enabled Devonthink in the Files app sidebar

It’s the new item button on the bottom LH corner of the Devonthink IOS app.

Thanks. The Files app does allow an audio file to be imported into DTTG.

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That was what I thought. More than “allow”, it enables it via the iOS Share Button which DEVONthink ToGo enables also. Probably can do it from other apps that have access to your target audio file–or most any other file for that matter.