Importing arbitrary files

Hi, I’m trying to import a text file, but it has a different extension (.mis). DT says
it’s an unrecognized format, but it’s just a text file! (Mac line endings, Mac OS Roman encoding).

How can I get DT to accept what I give it?


I’m not familiar with that particular extension. Does it denote some special characteristic, such as a tab- or comma-delmited file, or whatever?

But if you just want to import the text contents, try importing a copy with a plain .txt extension. That should work. :slight_smile:

It’s just a small scripting file. I’m often dealing with lots of little programming languages. Is there some way I can tell DT to just take what I give it, trusting me to give it a decent format? If not, some way to import via applescript, so I can at least make the pain quick?


Here’s one of those manual workarounds for unrecognized file types:

[1] In DT Pro, create a new rich text document.

[2] From the Finder, drag your file’s icon onto the text window of the DT Pro document and drop it. This will create a double-clickable link to your original file.

[3] From your text editor, open your text file and copy the contents to the clipboard, then paste the clipboard into the DT Pro text window.

This will at least give you the text content of your file as searchable text in DT Pro. No guarantee on how text formatting will come out, though. And you can easily open the external file under its native application (text editor or whatever for that file type).

Caution: Any edits of the external file will not be reflected in the text previously captured into DT Pro.

One solution would be to set the HFS type of the files to ‘TEXT’. But V1.1 will also support this extension.