Importing BibTeX

I’ve been trying to import BibTeX files from BibDesk and everything else goes nicely, except the cite key doesn’t get imported and each file gets the address field as its title. How do I get the cite keys included and them to be the titles?

I’m using DT Pro Office 1.3.2[/b]

Just send an example file to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies - dot - com and I’ll have a look at it.

I am also having this problem. Has a solution been identified? I’m using the latest v2 release (the one without the OCR)


As there are no more records, BiBTeX files should be displayed as read-only sheets. But you could send me and example and I’ll check if it’s working as expected.

For an alternative method of indexing bibliographic entries from BibDesk into DEVONthink, see the thread titled How to index individual BibDesk entries in DEVONthink.