Importing Bookmarks Problem

When I go to File -> Import -> Bookmarks in DTPO, if I choose Safari the bookmarks are imported almost instantaneously. However, if I try to import the bookmarks from Google Chrome (which is what I really want), nothing gets imported. I’ve tried a few times and have had no success.


What version of Google Chrome are you using and does this persist after a machine reboot?

The version I’m using is 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit). I’ll reboot my machine and report back.


Well, I rebooted and I still can’t import the Chrome bookmarks.


The next release will improve the support for Google Chrome and should be available later this month.

Just downloaded DA, latest edition, and still unable to import Chrome bookmarks. Has this problem been resolved, or is it scheduled to be fixed in the future? Thanks

DEVONthink is already fixed, DEVONagent’s next maintenance release will also improve this.