Importing data from OmniOutliner

Hello folks,

I am looking for a way to import a relatively large, hierarchical OmniOutliner document into DevonThink Pro Office in such a way that

i) every “paragraph” in the OO document will be converted into a separate “RTF document” in DevonThink;

ii) the hierarchical relationship between paragraphs (i.e. “documents” in DevonThink) will be maintained.

Any way to do this? Perhaps some Applescript wizardry is required? Here is an idea for a script, perhaps!

If only I could import this data in DevonThink, I would never need to turn back to OO.

Many thanks indeed.

UPDATE: I found the solution: Export to OPML and import into DevonThink. Works great. But now that I have performed the migration, I am having second thoughts about giving up Omni Outliner… :confused:

UPDATE x 2: Actually, the news is bad: OmniOutliner seems to discard all text formatting when exporting to OPML. No bold or italic text whatsoever. Deal breaker as far as I’m concerned.

OPML is just a flat text XML variant that has no formatting encoded. You might consider exporting to RTF from OO and using one of the scripts posted in the Scripting Forum to explode the text into individual notes. I believe if you search for “Split and Title” you might find some threads that will get you started (not sure about that formatting though). Or use Edit > Split Document.

Thanks, korm. Edit > Split Document does not really work as it would involve a prohibitively lengthy manual process in my case. But I will take a good look at the scripting forum.

Just wondering how you got on with the scripting, as I am looking to do much the same thing as you, i.e. split an OO project as RTF files with folder/group hierarchy.

To be honest, it’s been some time and I don’t quite remember where I got stuck. All I remember is that I could not attain the desired results with the publicly available scripts, and I did not have time to investigate possible custom solutions.

I am very sorry for this thoroughly unhelpful answer… :frowning:

What I have been doing ever since is export the OO file as a web page and import that into DT. Not nearly as refined as having an individual RTF file per OO entry, but better than nothing.