Importing Email from Apple Mail: White Folders and Indexing?

Hello folks,
I have two Apple Mail/DTPO questions:

  1. is it possible to import a white folder (ie folder that contains email folders rather than emails) using the Email Import tool – I’d like to keep the heirarchy I created in Apple Mail.

  2. Is it possible to Index rather than Import mail from Apple Mail so that I can continue to file things using Apple Mail into folders that I view through DTPO?

Essentially, I’m trying to do pretty much only Actions (like respond, add to calendar, and file by sender) in Apple Mail and then send the huge Archive folder (with subfolders for projects/research/purchases, etc.) into DTPO where I can create new notes, revise docs and generally my entire office as a database.

Anyone doing this kinda thing? I was so excited about the email import thingy, but now that I’ve stripped down to the austerity of fewer folders in Mail contained by White Folder non-email folders, I’m having trouble. I wish I could select more than one folder for import!


With the default settings, the whole folder hierarchy is always preserved upon import (no matter what subfolder you choose to import) but only if you use the Mail Import window from within DTPO.

It is impossible to only index mail messages, they have to be imported and converted to RTF for our database. However, you can reply to messages from within our application if necessary. Also, if you re-import mail messages from updated folders, the import process detects messages that were imported previously so you could keep filing things in Mail and from time to time import those folders again and again without any ill effects.

The white folders are simple folders in the Mailboxes section of the User > Library > Mail – unlike “blue folders” they do not contain the files that would allow one to drag emails into the folder – they only contain other folders (subfolders) that may be blue or white. I can’t seem to select white folders in the Mail Import tool from DevonThink Pro Office.

The idea of skipping over emails that have already been imported is pretty exciting - but what happens if I import email and then drag them out of the original heirarchy? What if I make a change to the text file created in DTPO?

This has been helpful stuff – I’d love just these few more details.


There is an “Import All” button (you may have to customise your toolbar) that will import everything recursively from the selection (but without any filtering or sanity checking).

When you delete a message from the database it will be imported again the next time you import that mail folder. Also, you cannot change a message since it is marked as “read only”.