Importing Email to create Archive

I’m new here but not new to DT.
I’ve recently upgraded to DT3Pro so I can import my annual work emails into their own database so I can search through them if required.
Each time I try, my Apple Mail times out.
I’ve included the add on’s and followed other suggestions to overcome this but to no avail. Can anyone help me please?
Thank you

Is anything logged to Windows > Log? And did you enable the Mail plug-in in Mail > Preferences > General > Manage Plug-ins…?

This is the message I got in the log
25/1/2023, 4:25:21 pm: Error importing message
*** -[NSDistantObject methodSignatureForSelector:]: remote object does not recognize selector: ‘dataSource’

I have also gone in to the preferences to make sure the plug ins are enabled and in my General Section, I do not have >Manage Plug-ins.

I am also importing one sub folder at a time. So far the largest number of emails in one folder is 26. This imported but then when I tried to do the next smaller folder, Mail stalled.

Thanks for replying :slight_smile: V

Which version of macOS and of DEVONthink do you use?

I am using Monterey 12.4 and DT3 Pro.
I’m having some success now but only if I import one folder at a time. I get through about 5 then it freezes and I have to Force Quit Mail.

How exactly do you import the folder(s)? Via Mailbox > Add to DEVONthink 3 in Apple Mail or via View > Sidebar > Import in DEVONthink 3? In addition, the current version of Monterey is 12.6.3, updating might also improve the reliability.

I have found this version works best if I import Via Mailbox > Add to DEVONthink 3 in Apple Mail.
I will also try updating Monterey.
Thanks again.
I’m still getting the same import error but not every single time…seems like it happens every 5-7 minutes of batch importing (one folder at a time).

Please choose Help > Report Bug while pressing the Alt modifier key and send the result to cgrunenberg - at - - thanks!