Importing emails from Apple Mail - suggestions - problems with workflow?

I want to archive all my email into DT. They are in Apple Mail, in a folder structure (which I want to maintain for the moment).

Archiving works, but some questions remain:

  1. I archive a folder from Apple Mail (via plugin), it is only partly archived, no problem. When I go to the “Import” Tab, only the not yet archived are shown - I archive the rest. Works. Now all emails are in the “Inboxes”. I move them into a new Database I created and called “emails” - fine. But now, when I go back to the “Imports” tab, all emails in the folder I archived previously are shown - which is not nice, if new emails are coming into that folder. Is there something wrong with my workflow?

  2. I initially planned to delete the emails from Apple Mail - is there a way of doing this from DEVONthink, i.e. after a successful import / archival, delete the emails (or move them to a specific folder?



Welcome @Rainer13

Is there something wrong with my workflow?

The database you’re moving to contains the already imported emails because you’ve moved them there. The database you’ve archived to no longer has any record of them.

There is no global accounting of imported emails as each database is an independent entitiy.

And no, you can’t delete emails directly from DEVONthink. That is something you need to tend to on your own. (And imagine the backlash if DEVONthink wrongly deleted emails! :flushed:)

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It’s when you move the emails to the new database that you’re running into problems.
I amssuming you’re deleting them from the original database.
Not sure why you’re moving them like that TBH.

The archive function only identifies emails as being already imported based on the destination database you’ve selected. So once you remove them from the original destination database and put them in “emails” it can no longer tell which emails have been imported.
This is a strength IMHO as I can archive a whole email account to its own database as a general back up of that account and also add individual emails to groups in other databases based on topics or issues or what have you.

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But for ‘archiving’ I can not select a database - correct?

Oh. I think I found it. Thanks.

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Glad you found it, and for those passing by: Yes, you can. :wink:

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