Importing Emails with Attachments from into DTPO

For a long time I am already using DTPOs plugin to import emails from into DTPO (Cmd+Alt+Ctrl+M). Subsequently in DTPO I use the script Import Email Attachments in order to import the attached files into the group of the respective email.

I would like to have in a function that imports the attachments of an email into DTPO and additionaly to import/print the email as an PDF file into the same group of DTPO.

Could one of the gods of scripting create a script/function that would run in and do the job?

Kind regards, Friedrich

If the selected emails are new, then you could also use the script “Add message(s) & attachments to DEVONthink” instead of these 2 steps.

Probably only possible via user interface scripting which depends on the system version and language (and makes scripts even slower too).

Hmm. What about a new function in the menue Data: “Convert into PDF” applyable on all types of file?

This would not be simply done, especially on “all types of files”.

@vatolin you might want to take a look here: Separate imported e-mail attachments for better search - #3 by mdbraber

Would it be possible to not add the attachments within a new group within the selected group where the selected message should being added, but directly into the selected group?

You could e.g. customize a copy of the script which can be found in the folder ~/Library/Application Scripts/