Importing Eudora

Just starting to export DT, following the tutorial.

Under Tutorial>Common Tasks>Importing E-mail, there is a section that reads:

To import selected e-mail messages from Eudora, do the following:

(1) Open the folder »Mails« in the folder »Scripts (Additional)« on the DEVONthink Professional disk image.
(2) Copy the script »Import selected Eudora messages« to wherever you like on your hard drive.

But in everything I downloaded for DT Pro 1.0.1, I cannot find a “Scripts (Additional)” folder, nor an “Import selected Eudora messages”

Several things seem a bit out of synch with the tutoral vs. 1.0.1 – is there a more current document or tutorial?

Could someone tell me where I might find the tools necessary to import Eudora selected e-mails?


Should read “Just starting to explore DT…”, not “export”.

Open the Scripts folder provided in the download disk image, click on Script Menus > Applications > Eudora.

Sorry about that. :slight_smile: