Importing Evernote with multiple images

This issue has been talked about and perhaps it’s a dead end. Haven’t read any solutions here. One suggestion is to use Evernote Legacy in order to import Evernote files into DT3. Only one image will transfer over to DT3 when the original note has multiple images. I’m down from 3500 notes to about 700 remaining in Evernote with heavy multi-image notes. Has anyone found an automated solution? I’ve been going through each note one by one and it’s a tedious exercise.

Nothing I’m aware of and we just use the mechanism provided in the Legacy version of Evernote. We don’t control its responses.

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I just exported a few notes from Evernote, and imported to Devonthink
Devonthink only imported the first image file

Tested the .enex file by importing into Evernote
All the images were intact

Ah ha! Good test.

This is a known issue that will be fixed by the next release.

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