Importing Filemaker email Database into DT pro and more

I used to save my old emails from Entourage into a Filemaker Data base, with EEAX that provides the tools to do this. I would like to merge these old data with more recent one into a DTP data base in a common format. Difficulty is to recreate the email from the text and the attachments that are in separate folders in the FileMaker Data Base. Has anyone gone into the same type of move and would be willing to share experience on it ?
I’ve worked out an automator workflow that extracts the .eml files saved by EEAX and import them with DTP in the selected database via an applescript. This solves the above question.
I just realise that I cannot view in DTP the headers of the messages. Is there a way of doing this ? Other than opening them with Mail or Entourage ? Can one specify rules for automatic classifying ?


Indexed & searchable meta data is shown e.g. in the Info Panel (“Additional Information”).