Importing Files & Folders to be stored in DT Package

Why is that that several times in the last couple days, upon importing a folder full of documents into my DT database, the files (and the root folder) that I specified as the target for importing still seem to be linked to the original files, instead of being stored within the DT database (package)?? This behavior would seem characteristic of indexing, but not importing?

In other words, I had a folder on an external hard drive that I wanted to be imported into my DT database, such that a copy of all of those files was made and stored within the DT dabase package itself, but when I right-click on the folder/files and choose the option ‘Show In Finder’, it brings me to the folder on the external hard drive?

Other times when I have tried this it brings me to the file that appears in a giant list of seemingly ALL of the files in that particular DT database, and the Finder reveals that path as being located in the database package itself?


I’ve just checked the History window, which shows a flat list of all the files in my database, and as it turns out, there are a number of files not stored in within the DT Database (Package), which is in fact where I would like them to be store (and where I thought they were stored until a few moments ago)…

Is there any way to isolate the files that are not actually stored in the DT package, and the move them so that they are (while making sure that they stay in the same group that they currently exist in in DT)?

Please advise…Thanks!

Are the items displayed with a small arrow behind their names? Then they’re indexed, otherwise imported.

Note: Some imported data types (e.g. RTF, RTFD, text) are stored inside the database and therefore don’t have their own file representation anymore. This means that the path (used by “Show in Finder” for example) is the one of the original but nonetheless the file has been successfully imported.

None of the files in question have a small arrow next to their name…and sure enough, all of the files in question are either rtf, rtfd, txt, doc, or html.

what happens if I delete, or remove, the original file which it references?

Also, is there any way to somehow get a list of all indexed files in my database (if there are any)?

Finally, I don’t suppose anyone has come up with a script that will automatically make a copy of any .doc Word document (or any other file type that’s converted upon import) to a specified location of your choosing, so that you can easily make an archival copy of just those files if desired?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated… Thanks!

Nothing should happen but it’s not recommended for Word documents as DEVONthink stores only a converted RTF version.

The only possibilities right now are to either check the items via the History panel or scripting.

I’m having a similar experience, which has been the cause of some confusion on my end. I dragged my old document folder hierarchy from the Finder to DTPO in order to import all the documents. It appears that all the files (they’re all PDFs) were imported, but their enclosing folders (groups) are still linked to the Finder folders. Ideally, I’d like to get rid of my old folders, but what happens in DTPO if I delete them in the FInder? Will I lose the group hierarchy in DTPO?

Well, to answer my own question, I just did a test by making a duplicate of a Finder folder that had a corresponding group in DTPO. Then I deleted the original (and emptied the Trash). The DTPO group remained, but the path still showed the original path to the old folder. Selecting Show in Finder just gives the error bonk. So that’s good news, if not the most intuitive behavior.