Importing from Evernote to DTPO

I’m considering moving away from Evernote entirely, and importing my notes from Evernote into DTPO. I’ve looked through the forums and have seen recent mentions of this process, but nothing recent that explains how to do it. Could someone point me to recent explanations of how to do it, or give me an explanation?

Also, any things I need to watch out for in the import process? Also, I want to be able to get rid of Evernote entirely, so I don’t want to worry about links back to notes in Evernote.

Thanks very much!


I think I’ve partially answered my own question. It looks like I can import whole notebooks from Evernote using the File->Import->Notes from Evernote item. Does this fully import the notes (with attachments) into DTPO? Does it leave any troublesome links behind, or can I simply now delete the imported notes (and attachments) from Evernote and use them fully from within DTPO?


What is a “troublesome link”?

The imported documents have their URL set to link back to Evernote. Is that “troublesome”?

Due to User demand when we originally implemented this, the URL for the record is back to the Evernote file. There is a script that will change this BEFORE you delete the Evernote notes: Evernote URLs

Thanks. The script works great to convert URLs. I’ve moved everything from Evernote to DTPO, then run the script to convert the URLs. Everything seems to be working fine. I’ve uninstalled Evernote from my Mac.


Glad to hear all is well. Enjoy! :smiley: