Importing from Keep It

I exported 514 files from Keep It. Then, when I imported the files to DevonThink 3 (v. 3.8) there were only 266 files Imported. Does anyone have an idea as to why this happened? The log only showed one file having an unknown format. Thanks.

What is the pattern of the files rejected? what are the names of the files that did not get in?

rather than look in log, compare the source vs destination.

As a test, did indexing them in work ?

Where did you export to? Was this folder a cloud sync folder by chance?

Thanks for the reply.
I don’t know the pattern yet – I need to look. The files, however, are all rather normal formats, emails, images, web pages, etc.
I will try to index them in as per your suggestion.
The exported Keep It folder is a cloud sync folder.

I just tried to index them in and it worked. They’re all showing in DT. What does that mean then?

I am guessing that the cloud sync folder is “online” and were removed from the local drive to “save you disk space and help you”. Yea, right.

copy all to a folder outside of the syncs, say, a subfolder of ~/Desktop. Then import and remove any duplicates that DEVONthink points out for you.


That worked! Thanks so much for your help. Greatly appreciated.