Importing from Yojimbo

I want to consolidate as much of my collected data into one place and the new DT Pro looks like being it. Among my various data records are some 1100+ entries in Yojimbo. While I can import them by drag & drop or as exported files, I lose the creation date in both routes. I’m probably missing something (I have tried the manual) so would appreciate help in automating the transfer while preserving the creation dates of the records. Ideas please.

– Charles

As far as I remember, Yojimbo doesn’t preserve dates while im- and exporting. Scripting might be a possibility but I don’t know how scriptable Yojimbo is.

Like most (all?) of the Barebones products, Yojimbo is pretty Applescriptable, and the dictionary lets you get both the creation and modification dates.

I think there is a security issue with passwords, however.

Best, Charles