Importing HTML-Pages of RSS-Feeds


i would like to import the HTML-Pages of an RSS-Feed.

The Option “New Feed (Linked)” in the Script-Menu works online if i am online (and if the articles are left at this place for all the time … a lot of news-articles are later put into commercial archives).

So how can I change the script that it really importes the RSS-Articles (and not only reference to them).

I have tried a little bit with the applescript funktions, but it doesn’t work.


Ralf Götze, Münster (Germany)

Just use the “New Feed (HTML Pages)” script - this script will store all RSS articles after converting them to HTML pages (to view the original article, just click on the headline).

Where do I find this script? I also want to archive the linked pages and not the short feed text.

Ah, sorry. I just realized, when I select Webarchiv in the preferences, DT3 will download the linked article. Great!