Importing images into RTF files in DEVONThink

I am attempting to consolidate some of the data I have imported into DEVONThink by combining text with images - to this end I am creating RTF files and copying/dragging images and text selections into said RTF files. Everything seems to work well except for the fact that some of the images are only imported as thumbnails. I have not tested this extensively, but all but one of the images that gave problems were monochrome JPEG files.
Does anyone else have a similar experience? Is this a known issue?

Thanks in advance


If you open the image in a separate window (command-O), select it (command-a) and copy it (command-c) then you can paste the full image into an RTF. (Actually, at that point it’s an RTFD.)

I don’t know dragging an image into an RTF doesn’t do this for you – TextEdit and most free RTF editors are just as bad with dragged images. :confused: