Importing Instapaper bookmarks as Instapapered webarchives

For awhile now, I’ve been wanting an archive of my saved Instapaper content - while I’m a paying user, their search is pretty primitive. This feels a little more urgent now that Instapaper has been sold to Pinboard.

Seems as if there are two approaches.

  1. Feed DT a list of URLs (exported from Instapaper in CSV format). These will be URLs to the original articles, some of which may no longer be online; and many of which will be behind paywalls (e.g. NY Times articles.) My guess is that taking this approach, about 30% of the article in my archive would not be retrievable. Also, it seems like a waste to hit each original site, when an Instapapered version of each article is available - on Instapaper!

  2. So instead, I would ideally like to be able to give Instapaper the URL of one of my folders in Instapaper, and have it crawl each page of articles, save the URLs of the Instapapered version of each article, then save those URLs as webarchives. But that would require both crawling/screenscraping as well as being logged into a site requiring a password.

Any thoughts on how to proceed?

The scripts Convert URLs to PDFs and Convert URLs to web archives (available via Scripts > More Scripts…) might be useful. However, these scripts don’t support instapapered capturing yet.