Importing kindle books?

Is there a way to import kindle books into devonthink?

I foolishly bought some Amazon Kindle books on programming, and I was thinking that they would be a whole lot more useful if they had a proper index…

You might find importing into Calibre (shareware) useful. Can output in a variety of ePub formats including PDF.

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many thanks. A few DRM hiccups, but nothing unsolvable.

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I said nothing, but search for “Apprentice Alf” in internet. (Go to github and ignore any other stuff, tutorials apart).

Be careful if you have the Kindle app version above 1.23 Calibre won’t be able to convert your book
The newly DRM system they put in place since version 1.24 and above is not managed by Calibre.
The solution is to revert to Kindle version 1.23 (and uncheck automatic update) and remove the books in the kindle folder where you’ve downloaded them and once done download them again using Kindle v1.23.
Then you should buy epub ultimate app to remove the Kindle DRM.
Also with this app you can perform the conversion to PDF directly without doing so in Calibre but if you are not happy with this conversion you could perform it in Calibre as well.
Other solution is if you have a KOBO reader you can purchase your books there and once imported in your reader you can connect it to Calibre (in Calibre add the plugins Kobo DeDRM and Kobo utilities) then once the DRM removed you can perform the conversion.
Last option is to buy your books on Google Play Books and import them in Calibre to perfrom the removal of DRM and the conversion.
I found all these solutions once I was blocked to convert my Kindle books into PDF in order to upload them in DT (search in Google with the term KFX format which is the newly DRM format used by Kindle)

This is kind of too late I guess but if you buy programming eBooks from Manning, you could download ePub and PDF versions (Kindle too, if you fancy).