Importing linked .html files with images with no 'Where From' data

I have a folder full of .html and image files, which meaningfully link to each other, within that folder.

I stripped out all the ‘Where From’ data from every .html file (AppleScript), because I didn’t want DT3 obstinately fetching every page from its online source and overriding my nice css edits. (Why it does that is another question).

So, DT3 has no idea where these .html files have come from. There’s no indication of that in the inspector, for instance, and to DT3, they’re just newborn .html files.

Now, I had thought that I would not be able simply to import this folder into DT3 and hope to click links to other pages - and certainly not view linked images, because many of the constituent .html and image files would be in disparate places, strewn around the database.

But I can! In one of these .html pages for instance, there’s a link to ‘page10.html’, and I know for a fact that ‘page10.html’ is not in the same Finder directory/folder as that .html page, yet I can click on the link to page10.html, and it’ll take me to it.

Furthermore, an image appears on that page which certainly isn’t in the corresponding Finder directory/folder, yet there it is.

If I take an .html page and ‘reveal in Finder’ and peek inside it with BBEdit, the link to the image is indeed local to that directory/folder; so it shouldn’t show. Indeed opening that .html file in Safari from Finder doesn’t show the image - but viewing it in DT3 it does show it, despite having the same html source!

What wizardry is this?

But then I found out. The linking has been recast on import to some bouncing off DT3’s folder in the Application Support folder. (Clev-uh! :sunglasses:)

So I can view everything neatly by making a new group called “home-index” or somesuch and replicating the original index.html file to there. Then I only need to go to that group to view the whole thing without the clutter.

BUT - does this mean my folder full of .html files and images is portable/syncable? Probably is to another Mac? But to DTTG? (It’s only in the global inbox for now as I’m too apprehensive to pull it into a syncing database.)


Well, I find such file collections are syncable, and even to DTTG (though with the latter it’s best to download all files before you expect everything to render0.

Relative links inside HTML pages are also supported inside the database.