importing mail from EagleFiler (and mac mail)

I’m trying to consolidate my email archiving and am having some problems.
First problem, I have a lot of old emails in an EagleFiler database, and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get them into DTPro.

if i drag and drop, all i get is a single file with the mailbox
if i export from EagleFiler, I get an mbox file, and if i then import this to DTP, again I get a single file with no way of accessing the separate messages

so, I tried to export directly from mail as an arcive then import the archive, to see if the problem was with the EF export. this too gave me a big file in DTP with no way of accessing indiviudal emails.


works a treat on importing directly from my mac mail by the way…



Do you use DEVONthink Pro or DEVONthink Pro Office? DEVONthink Pro Office can import mbox files via File > Import > E-Mail…

I have DTPro Office 2.0.2
tried the command you suggested on an arcived mailbox - and when I choose unix, it opens up the mailbox and then I can import it a treat.
however, the exported file from EagleFiler does not have a file extension - when i import into the field, i get garbled data - date received as — no from, subject and the to seems to have snippets of text from the body of the message.
I’ve checked with EagleFiler and cant find out what format it exports.
I’ve also tried to drag their database directly from the finder but this just creates a large unsearchable file…
any other ideas?

additional info…

EagleFiler says that it stores (and exports) mail in standard mbox format. See quote from their manual below.

I’m wondering if this is an EF issue, has anyone else been able to import mailboxes from EF?



"EagleFiler natively stores e-mail as mailbox files using the standard mbox format. All Mac e-mail programs can import files in this format. Here are specific instructions for some common e-mail programs:

Apple Mail
Choose File ‣ Import Mailboxes…, select the mbox files radio button (or Other if you have Mac OS X 10.4), click Continue, and then choose the folder containing the exported mailbox file.
Choose File ‣ Import…, select the Contacts or messages from a text file radio button, then click the right arrow. Select the Import messages from an MBOX-format text file radio button and click the right arrow. Select the file and then click the Import button.

Note: If you’re unable to import a mailbox file that’s stored in EagleFiler, it may help to select the messages and export them as a new mailbox file. This is because EagleFiler stores the messages exactly as you imported them, and some mail programs are not very tolerate of format differences. When you export, EagleFiler tries to convert the messages to as standard a format as possible, and this can lead to more successful imports."

Please send an exported mbox file to cgrunenberg - at - and I’ll check whether it’s an export or import issue.

Just sending…
thanks for you speedy response to this, much appreciated