Importing OPML files: retaining organization?

I have a long outline with entries eight levels deep that I created in OmniOutliner Pro. I exported it as an OPML file and imported that into DEVONthink Pro. All the information made it to DTP but the entries are now in alphabetical order and not in the order of the original outline. My original outline was in Harvard format, but apparently the letters and numbers generated by OmniOutliner are not retained by DTP.

I want the outline in DTP so I can link outline items to related articles and images, and, of course, I’d like everything in the correct order. The outline is too large to go through and re-structure by hand.

I searched but couldn’t find this problem mentioned in the Forum (perhaps I missed it), which makes me think there’s something I’m not doing properly.

Has anyone dealt with this problem?


Try View>Sort>Unsorted

Good Luck,

Wow, this was interesting: I actually had tried View>Sort>Unsorted and it only seemed to work with text documents, which are the entries at the lowest level of the outline. No matter what I did I couldn’t effect any change at the highest level. But after your message I played around a bit more. The correct organization was retained in the “Columns” view while it was not retained in the “Three Panes” view. In fact, it was correct in all views save the “Three Panes” view, which is what I’ve been using most of the time.

So, thank you!