Importing text with pics from EverNote

Newbie here. I have over 10,000 text files with pics in Evernote. When importing I note that:

  1. On a large number, say >100 items, the text and pic(s) come as separate items with a group created. Is there anything I can do besides going thru one by one? One suggestion was to bring the file in as a pdf but the one by one still exists.
  2. Imported pics seem grainy. Is there something that I can adjust? I know so much depends on the quality of the original pic, but still something doesn’t seem right.


Welcome @oldpalerider
No, there is nothing to be done for this. DEVONthink just imports the data as provided by Evernote. There’s no translation or file conversion. Also, the mechanism provided by Evernote controls these things.

In fact, you can export directly from Evernote and here are the results…

Thanks for the quick reply.

No problem

Is there a way to merge a group’s items into a “thing” , whether HTML, PDF etc?
In the app, or via an Applescript or DT Extension?

New to DT and trying to figure this out as well

The selected items can be merged via Tools > Merge Items, the result depends on the selection (e.g. a PDF document is created in case of images/PDF documents).