Importing times: Optimizing vs Relaunch


I have been playing around with importing large collections into a DTP DB via scripts, also timing the required times.
Following Bill’s suggestion I did Verify and, if OK, Backup and Optimize in varying intervals. What I observed was:
Optimizing does not always have an effect on subsequent import times, but usually makes them faster. This would depend on RAM and the intervals between optimizing, I guess.
But, surprise!, quitting DTP, relaunching it, then opening the database has a MUCH greater effect on the next imports, and is also 1/3 to 2/3 times faster than optimizing.

Can I safely discard the verify-optimize routine and rely on relaunching or would there be dangers lurking somewhere?


Relaunching shouldn’t speed up things as long as there’s enough real RAM available whereas Backup & Optimize might (!) speed up things but usually this command’s job is to create a backup and to optimize the database files.

So the very effective speedup would indicate that I am tight with RAM. Too bad the machine has already reached its limit.

Thanks for the clarification!