Importing Web Adresses into a DT Database without DTTG/DTPO


Sometimes I am damned to use a Windows PC with Firefox and have no access to a Mac or an iOS device. But nevertheless, as well under such circumstances occasionally I want to “copy” a web adress - URL - into my Devonthink database.

I have a databases in my iCloud wich I use with DTTG and DTPO.

How can I put in this situation an URL into the DT database in order to use it later in DTPO?

Thanks in advance and kind regards, Friedrich

I can think of multiple ways to do this, save the URL as a bookmark in Firefox and open it later with Firefox macOS or log into and save the URL to iCloud Drive come to mind. However, I would think the easiest way to deal with this is to email the URL to yourself.

The method I use in Edge on Windows 10 is Pinboard. If you have a Pinboard account ($11/year and very worth the cost) then use the method on Pinboard’s How To page for saving bookmarks on iPad – it works just as well on Edge. There is some provided Javascript code. Create a bookmark on Edge’s Favorites bar, replace the URL of that bookmark with the provided Javascript. Then when you want to bookmark a page you want to save in DEVONthink, click that special bookmark in Edge Favorites that you created. Pinboard will open a little dialog before saving the bookmark - in that dialog, give the bookmark a tag such as “EdgeCapture”, or something more creative.

Back in DEVONthink, create a new Feed with the url

or, whatever tag you used when you captured the URL. This will create a feed kept up to date with all Pinboard captures that use that tag.

(FWIW, Pinboard also has a method to send bookmarks by email to Pinboard and include tags for the bookmark in the email – back in DEVONthink the RSS method will also work with those.)