Importing website files

Hi there,
I am new to DevonThink. I would like to import all of the pdf files linked to on this webpage: … fault.aspx

I figured out how to import the site itself, but I can’t seem to upload all those pdf links.


as the links are quite unusual, that’s only possible via scripting DEVONagent or DEVONthink Pro. For example:

tell application "DEVONagent"
	set theSource to source of browser 1
	set theURL to URL of browser 1
	set theLinks to get links of theSource base URL theURL containing "Download"
	repeat with theLink in theLinks
		add download theLink
	end repeat
end tell

When it’s necessary to get just a particular file type off a site (PDFs, MP3 or whatever) I’ve had great success with DownThemAll, a free Firefox extension. You can point DownThemAll to your inbox on disk and the files will be loaded right into DT.