Impossible annotating pdfs

Hi. I am rather new to the forum, altough I use DTP since two years. I searched the forum for help, but I found no discussion about the impossibility of annotating pdfs imported (not indexed). It is a random behaviour and I am not able to understand why some files work perfectly and others are blocked (but not locked). The strange thig is this is random on the same files. I tried to rebuild database, with no results.
Thank you for your help.


This is unfortunate. Since the forum readers don’t have the same data you have, if you make a zip file of some of the problem PDFs, and open a problem ticket with the support desk, they can look at the actual files and suggest a solution.

Thank you for your suggestion. I will do it immediately.
This is a real support forum!!

I am a newbie too but just in case… Are you using Skim?
I find if the pdf is annotated by Skim, the pdf is not possible to annotate in DT.
Then, I just load it up with Preview and save it in Prevew (without Skim annotation if is already imbedded). Then i can annotate in DT.

Hi. Thank you for your answer. And yes, the question is exactly as you said.
Mystery revealed, but why this strange behavior?
I will follow your suggestion of saving the pdf in Preview.
Thank you again.


Skim uses different method for storing the annotation layer in a PDF than DEVONthink (which uses a technique similar to Acrobat). Nothink strange - there’s just different ways of doing this.

If you annotate in Skim, and later want to annotate in DEVONthink, then export the PDF from Skim into a PDF format that DEVONthink can annotate. In Skim:

File > Export > File Format > PDF With Embedded Notes

This creates a copy of your PDF that doesn’t loose the Skim annotations so that DEVONthink, or Preview, Acrobat, etc., can work with them.

Thank you for your help. This is a good tip. I just loved to have my annotations separate and collected in a smart group for them in DTP.
It is possible to previously export Skim notes as .txt before exporting the pdf with embedded notes?
I repeat: only few apps have such kind of support.

Yes, as .txt or .rtf

I have an issue where random .pdfs don’t have the option to annotate. The annotation icons are greyed out. Maybe because the .pdf has some copyright protection? However, a .pdf that can’t be annotated in DTPRO can be annotated in the default .pdf reader (in my case Skim).

How can I annotate such .pdfs in DTPro?

I am using DTPRO 2.3.2

on a

MacBook Pro OSX 10.6.8
HD: 500 GB
Processor: 2 GHz Intel Core i7
Memory: 8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3

Perhaps re-read the thread above? Skim annotations cannot be changed in DTPO.

yes I saw that above. but these pdfs have not been annotated in any other app. so, I guess I could send some of the .pdfs to tech support?