Improve forum search results

Improve forum search results by showing the results in reverse chronological order, newest first—or at least have this as an option.

Interesting. Noted.

This forum is old fashioned looking. The forums that use Discourse are much easier to work with and search.

I feel foolish for pointing this out, as I’m probably missing something obvious, but can’t you do that already?

When I do a search there’s a sort by Date option (which is newest first). It’s not the default, but it’s there.

We are aware that this forum system is dated. We’ve been concentrating on developing our software in the last few years but will replace this board with the next website redesign.

That would be great – but please find a way to preserve all the years of very valuable contributions, scripts, etc. I’ve been on boards that changed their forum over to new software and wiped out all the history. It would be a big loss here.

And that’s exactly the reason why we haven’t switched to a more modern system yet.

The Tinderbox people solved this by freezing the old forum – people can sign up and search and read what is there but cannot post anything new. Anyone who wants to add anything new has to use the new Discourse forum. Discourse is very nice.