improve the proximity search

As described long time ago, in [url]NEAR (proximity) search rendered useless?! Any suggestions?] post, the proximity search is really dysfunctional. It has a lot of problems. Right now, I am using Foxtrot to supplement the weaknesses of DEVONthink.

I hope you guys will improve it at least of the next major release. I would love to completely rely on Devonthink.

  • the highlighting
  • the search should not be confused by the redundant use of the same term: Mary NEAR/10 John should not find strings like “Mary hates Mary”.

You can just look at how the proximity search works in Foxtrot and learn from that.

I just created two documents, one containing “Mary and John” and the other one “Mary hates Mary” but the search term “Mary NEAR/10 John” returns only the first one as expected. Could you send an example document plus the search term to cgrunenberg - at - Thanks in advance!


I sent you the email.

I haven’t received the email yet. Could you please resend it and send a copy to support - at - too? Thanks!

I tried like five times. It all failed.

are the hyphens part of the email or not?

No, they’re not.